2020 George Eastman Museum Gingerbread Holiday Menagerie

Holiday Menagerie measures 19 inches by 19 inches by 22 inches tall.
Holday Menagerie has three main decorations. A wreath, a nutcracker figure in a jack in the box toy, and a holiday feast theme. The wreath, nutcracker in the box, and holiday food feast are all styrofoam underneath.
The nutcracker sits on a baroque style jack in the box.
Wooden shish kabob skewers were used to secure the wreath to the other two styrofoam.
The holiday feast theme has yellow Christmas crackers, store bought candy cane, isomalt pear, isomalt plum, gold edible streamers, gingerbread men, gumpaste red raspberries, gumpaste black raspberries, gumpaste pecans, and gold luster dusted real walnuts.
The 7 millimeter isomalt rain droplets in yellow, green and purple are edible and purchased from Max at www.sugarworksllc.com.
The holiday food feast has gold luster dusted real walnuts and gumpaste pecans for the nutcracker.
On the wooden board are edible gumpaste napkins. The gingerbread ladies at the bottom.
The 19 inch by 19 inch wooden board is royal icing sprinkled with large crystal white gourmet sugar.